Here’s My Fingerprint; How About Yours?

A few years ago, I knew that I needed to figure out exactly what my role in this world should be.  My children were almost grown and I had friends grieving through empty nest syndrome.  I knew, after 30 years of raising children, homeschooling them, being with them 24/7, that empty nest could hit me hard.  But only if I didn’t have a purpose beyond raising  my kids.
I think most of us come to that place several times in our lives, where we aren’t quite sure what to do next.  Or maybe we know what to do, but aren’t sure how.  Or maybe we know how … but something’s blocking us.
  • Maybe you’re a younger person, just starting out in life, wondering how you’re going to make it in the world, what kind of mark you can leave.
  • Maybe you know your purpose, but there are things getting in the way … depression, habits that don’t serve you well, disorganization, or a simple lack of confidence.  You may or may not know how to change those things, but you’re still having a hard time.  
  • Maybe there’s an area of faith that you want to work on.  You want to grow closer to God and be able to follow Him intimately, and you need someone to help you along.
  • Or you’re a new or proven homeschooler who needs some help getting organized, scheduling, choosing curriculum … or juggling the needs of family, school, a business, and everything else you’ve got going.


  • You might be a stay-home mom or a single parent who’s starting to feel like she’s lost track of herself and needs to know how to take care of herself so she can better serve her kids and others.
  • Perhaps you’re nearing or in your golden years and you’re thinking about how to leave the greatest impact on those in your circles of influence.  You want your life to really count.  You have wisdom to share or gifts to still be used.  You don’t want to waste a moment.
If you’ve read my blog before, you’ve probably heard me say (or seen me write) that I strongly believe every single experience in our lives — good, bad, success, failure — and each of our gifts, talents, skills, and resources all add up to basically a customized school that God put together for us, training us for our very unique contribution to the world.  Your contribution is so unique that it’s like your fingerprint — no one else, anywhere, at any time, has the same unique fingerprint you do.
I’ve realized that my contribution to the world is to help others discover and define their fingerprint and leave their indelible mark. It’s what entices me out of a cozy bed in the morning and brings joy to my day.  I’d love to work alongside you in finding yours and helping you do whatever is necessary to be able to leave your fingerprints in the strategic places God wants you to place them!
The thing that can make the difference between success and failure is having someone on your team who can look on from the sidelines and make suggestions, encourage you, educate you, celebrate with you, and give you that bit of oomph to make it to your goals.  
As your life coach, that’s what I do.  We talk about your goals, your dreams.  We figure out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get from here to there.  We work together to bring it down to steps that you can’t help but succeed with.  If accountability helps, I can do that for you without judgment or shaming, but with a lot of helpful encouragement.  We’ll figure out what’s blocking your progress, and I’ll help you find motivation in the rough spots.  I’m there to celebrate your victories with you and plot your course with you as you reach higher and higher.  So often, this is the one thing that makes all the difference in the world.
I’m invested in helping you reach your goals.  I strongly believe that you have something to contribute to this world that no one else, now or historically or in the future, is able to give.  If you don’t do it, the rest of us lose out.
If you’re ready to step up and work on leaving your fingerprint on the world, sign up for a free breakthrough session with me.  Let’s get to know each other and get you moving forward. 
If you’re not quite ready, feel free to sign up for my mailing list – use the link at  You’ll receive a series of emails from me over the next couple months with questions to help you think through the process.  You can journal about them privately, or share your thoughts with me by email. In the meantime, stop by my coaching blog, leave a comment … let’s start getting to know each other.  Pretend we’re sitting on my swing in my yard in Tennessee, with the dogwood blooming and a pitcher of tea between us.  🙂  (Yeah, I’m homesick.)
Hoping that this spring brings you so close your dreams that you can finally touch them.Alyce-Kay


Your Unique Gift to the World

Something is falling together for me from various things that I’ve been reading and listening to over the past 6 months or so. This has been contributed to by quite a few authors and speakers, but I would say mainly by Steve Wiens and Patricia Noel Drain, and I want to be sure to give them credit for that.  Those 2 people have built so much into my life; Steve through his sermons and blog, Patricia by her teleseminars and personal challenges and living questions.

Here’s my summary of what I think maybe God is showing me. See if this resonates for you and maybe helps solidify something in you about your gifts and calling and your value in the world.

God has given each of us a unique set of experiences, talents, gifts, etc. No one else has our unique set. It’s like our fingerprint. Through this, He wants to touch the world through us. If we don’t use this “fingerprint” (for lack of a better word so far) that He’s given us, the world misses out, because there is no one else who will have that fingerprint.

What someone gets when they take a course from me or buy one of my books, paintings, etc, is ME. They get something that is a result of that unique combination of experiences, talents, etc, that God has put in me. What they get from you when you do whatever it is that God has put in you is YOU. (This is true of your job, your ministry, how you raise your kids, etc.) They get part of you. They benefit from the unique combination of experiences, talents, etc, that God has given you.

It’s our responsibility to get that out there because if we don’t, then the world will be lacking our unique contribution. No one else will be able to make up for that loss. That’s how valuable we each are as individuals!

But often, we don’t make this incredible, non replaceable contribution to the world because we don’t think we’re worthy.

You know who my all-time favorite Bible character is?  King David.  Wanna know why?  Because the man was an adulterer and a murderer, but God still said that he was a man after God’s own heart.  God used him, despite his major short-comings!  There are others:  Peter, who was always putting his foot in his mouth and who denied Jesus three times — yet God made him the leader of the new Church.  Moses who was a murderer, had a horrible temper, and almost refused to let God use him (when God called him via the burning bush).  And so many others.

There are also people in history who would never have been allowed to use their gifts by most churches or mission boards — one of my favorites is Aimee Semple McPherson.  She was married 4 times (divorced twice, widowed once), was the topic of a couple national scandals … yet God used her to bring many to Him, to physically heal thousands, and to start an amazing denomination.  Was this because she (or King David or Moses or Peter) was qualified on her own?  NO!  They were qualified through the Blood of the Lamb … through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  None of us is personally qualified to use our gifts or to have God work through our “fingerprint” in the world.  But we are qualified through Him!

Please, please, please take hold of God’s qualification on your life.  If you don’t know how, I would love to help you!  Use your unique combination of experiences (including the horrific ones) and gifts that He’s given you.  Give to the world what God wants to do through you.  No one else has what you have to offer.  The world will be a richer place because of you.