Whatever You Do

What if … What if everyone in your church was commissioned? What if you stood before your church and your elders laid hands on you for your calling … as a teacher … as an accountant … as an engineer … as a crossing guard … as a parent?  Or whatever you do.


My sometimes workspace at The Goodness in Willmar.

My sometimes workspace at The Goodness in Willmar.


I don’t mean commissioned to witness at work — though I do believe that we are all to take hold of the Great Commission and spread the Good News and make disciples wherever we go.  But what I mean here is … What if we recognized that God’s calling might not be done in a church or under a parachurch banner?  What if God has called you to be a funeral home director (as my cousins are).  What if God has called you to be a CPA (as my dad is)?  What if God has called you to be a janitor (as one of “my boys” at Lifetree is)?  What if God has called you to be President of the United States?  What if God has called you to be a roofer (as a friend of mine is)?


Glorify God by being the best medical transcriptionist, grandpa, lathe worker, preschool teacher, air traffic controller, street sweeper, doctor, cook, waitress, hairdresser, farmer, mail clerk, air force pilot, barista, scientist you can be.


Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do  (whatever you do!) work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”  (NIV)



I invite you to email me, discuss through the comments box, or journal about the following:


Journal or discuss:  How does that look for you — to be commissioned by God?  What does that mean in your job?  Do you have a calling?  Have you taken it up?  Have you discovered your fingerprint?  Are you leaving it strategically in the world?  How do you glorify God in your work?


Dream a little:  What would your commissioning service look like?


Action Challenge:  For the next week, start your work day with a short prayer, asking God to anoint your work.  See what happens!


About a week after writing this post, I saw this article, which I think is excellent and goes along with this topic:  http://faithlikes.com/2014/04/05/this-is-why-switchfoot-wont-sing-christian-songs-anymore/



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